Pan African Connection
Bringing Literacy, Education and Development to disadvantaged communities across Africa
Once there is a broadband connection in the rural target communities of Africa the
benefits of literacy, education and local development can start to be achieved.
Envisioned is a host of services that can impact the various stakeholders in those
communities. It also opens up a support channel that can provide direction needed.

How these services are to be achieved is via the cooperation and aggregation of
knowledge from interested NGO's who are already in the field doing part of this work.

In short Pan-African will bring together different NGO's with disparate knowledge and
experience and focus that into these remote communities.

Pan-African will look for and develop the information outlets to disseminate economic
opportunities for the communities in the plan. Commodities prices, markets,
agricultural services, sustainable methodologies for small scale producers, connect
different products with different producers or services.

This service is not based on the Internet; the structure is a closed loop into the
communities in question. The development of materials for these services will
happen at various locations: our own facilities or those of the guest country's Ministry
of Education, or non-governmental headquarters, or facility of their choice, but there
will not be a direct connection to the World Wide Web from the system that serves the
remote schools.

Pan-African is interested in providing to the student/teacher that goes into the target
community with an education. In exchange for a two year commitment from the
prospect, Pan-African will arrange for this individual to get a diploma or degree while
on site via the same satellite facilities.

Pan-African will continue to promote the same facility to expand its services to include
tertiary level education. This key aim is to provide this service to the remote localities
that move pupils into this level of education. This model will have to concentrate by
necessity with the appropriate country's Ministry of Education.

Pan-African Connection
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