Pan African Connection
Bringing Literacy, Education and Development to disadvantaged communities across Africa
What is it about us? Who are we?

Whether you reside in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East or Asia, one thing
is true today as has never been true before: "About us" could really describe any
point in the blue marbled earth that we call "Home". Yes, we are divided along
racial lines, along ethnicity, along culture, education and standard of living. But
more than anything else, along with this planet, we share a common destiny.
Common roots in the ancient past and a very real need to work together on the
problems that affect all of us.

So that "about us" is for those that are interested in alleviating the problems in
rural Africa. Development plans and actions at the macro scale are taking place
in infrastructure, communications, education, better services, but left out in this
mix is the rural areas of Africa. It is not cost effective to try to reach every area that
needs a road or a school. There simply is not enough money to do it all.

This is where we come in with this plan to see better rural communities in Africa.
The engagement is many fold: bring literacy, education, and localized
development. It is a challenge but one that can be achieved.

We are urging your participation if you are very skilled and passionate about this
kind of work, get in contact with us to become part of making the solutions

The ideas and plans making their presentations here on this website are only
the beginning. The actual working platform is for a non-governmental entity to
achieve this plan. But the actual working out of the plan is along a business
model where the recipient communities are charged for the services rendered to
them: namely the satellite connection and the equipment. Some purveyors of
certain materials may charge a fee for their instruction, but this will not be
encouraged. However, the realities of government institutions are that they will
probably want to charge a small fee for say, their civics courses.

We are currently soliciting highly experienced and influential people to become
part of the organization and board of directors.
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