Pan African Connection
Bringing Literacy, Education and Development to disadvantaged communities across Africa
The Way Forward:
The Southern African countries are in much better position in terms of literacy and education,
compared to least advanced. They also for the most part have English as the official language. In
terms of strategy, it is a desirable location and starting point for the concept of Pan-African Connection,
which is the comprehensive plan of action in the rural or disadvantaged communities across the
continent. Implementation, due to the larger base of educated people, would become easier. Early
success in these parts would encourage other less developed countries to participate, in the
development plan, serve to target resources towards their own population’s needs in literacy,
education and local development.

While much can be written and reviewed in literature, experiences, ongoing work, micro scale and
macro scale dynamics of development, bureaucracies, corruption, and a myriad of sub-topics that can
be raised on the issues affecting local communities, at the end of the day (I say well before it) we must
engage this work because of the main constraints working against us if we delay action:

Climate Change will continue to accelerate unless we can engage our target communities to be part
of the solution.

The population explosion in Africa is real and the concern is that having a less educated population
will continue to hold back meaningful economic growth. Under the previous threat listed, these
combined effects can be devastating.

Unless you have locally thriving economies (in rural communities) globalization would be a net
negative component and they would be marginalized.

The need to sensitize the populations in our target communities of the place they hold in developing
their communities, namely:  That they are the most important asset. In this context, there is no such
thing as blissful ignorance. It is more like a slowly tracking massive tragedy.

These statements above form the framework for the service scheme that Pan-African Connection
intends to bring to these communities, while it is very demanding, the education and knowledge
imparted and gained by these communities will empower them to take a hold of their future and
become partners in the global community.

It is to this work and mission that steps are being taken to organize and make the work known to those
that can lend the resources to make these a reality.

Pan-African Connection