Pan African Connection
Bringing Literacy, Education and Development to disadvantaged communities across Africa
Serving the better interest of clarity and understanding, it will be best to get some disclaimers out. First,
who are those children on the HOME page? They happen to be my little neighbors, where I live(d) in
Chibombo district just outside Lusaka.
Why are they posted? Initially, I wanted to get five pictures per
page in the introductory pages but changed my mind because someone may actually think that I was
trying to get money out of their pictures. But these little faces represent the future of Africa, and Zambia
in particular. Disregarding all the rhetoric, postulating, positioning and planning, the efforts being made
to bring sustainable development are about these and millions of other children’s future and what kind
of life they may have; what access to education, job prospects and way of life. But importantly, my own
interest is that, as they come of age, they will take control of their life and the future of Africa. So they
represent hope.

The other disclaimer is that while the statements shared here are stated as Pan-African Connection;
the views expressed represent my personal views, which at this time that is all there is of Pan-African
Connection, (the Pan-African name does not represent a political view but merely reflects the scope of
the work in most of Africa; the continent) although even as I am writing this page, I am at someone’s
office exploring the steps to register the company. It also fits to say that I have not received funds from
anyone to make my forays into Africa and the ideas that I have been sharing and the solutions that I am
proposing strictly come out of my own experiences with developing economies, the lessons learned as
our family lost a soft-drink bottling business many years ago and our own experience with farming and
the research done overtime to understand the issues at hand.

Additionally, I am not an agent and/or represent anybody, except that I do feel empowered to represent
the voices that you are not hearing: the disadvantaged communities in Africa, who are voiceless in
many ways. Why I believe I can represent their views, is in part borne out of my understanding of the
most enduring and basic of human qualities; the desire of the person to belong and be part of the
larger society around oneself and to be a successful participant in that community. In short the laudable
personal ambition and desire for success for him/her and their own. And the desire to extend that to
others who at present have less than a full opportunity to become productive.

Lastly, my own views regarding economics and the need to leapfrog into the demands of the
information age, are not an academician’s views, they are forged in the study (and lifelong experiences)
of historical trends, which places some constraints on those views but also gives me some leeway in
expressing them. But the main topics can be verified by data and academic rigors. So, if you feel
impressed to challenge me on providing that information let me know.

So without further commentary, you are encouraged to take the synoptic view in the page
the way
forward, unless you have already done so. The main topics raised are also listed in the Browse page
for your convenience; they compose the main sets of arguments for the formation of Pan-African