Pan African Connection
Bringing Literacy, Education and Development to disadvantaged communities across Africa
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The HOME page starts by bringing awareness and solutions proposed to the realities of rural Africa.
A brief description of the participatory service intended.
Our common home, this blue marbled speck of dust in the infinite seas of space. Our common fragile,
organic bio-system,
Get involved! This is the contact page.
Some of the most frequently asked questions.
The most fundamental problem affecting large areas of Africa.
After literacy, high school and degree level programs needed, at the risk of marginalization.
A review of the erroneous values imposed on Africa, that retarded development.
The juxtaposition to inherited mentalities of colonialism: personal accountability, targeted ambition and
entrepreneurial activity.
A billion consumers pushing-up world GDP.
That even rural Africa needs to adopt the modalities of the information age.
Unless local power sources are invested in, rural Africa will continue to use fossil fuels.
It can be a good thing for rural communities if they embrace the methodologies that bring it about.
The prerequisites to successful integration are sound knowledge and the capacities to take advantage of
Lack of energy can provide opportunity for investments in renewable forms of energy.
The industrial age is history, bringing different demands on Africa for development.
The dynamics of populations, places different constraints on investments in rural communities.
The investments to be made for development are in the most abundant natural resource.
The future for Africa, the present for developed societies: small business development.
Under the plan envisaged, the work of the NGO will be more focused and more effective.
Capacities in rural Africa must include contracts under the rule of law.
The most promising economically beneficial activity for Africa: The most challenging to properly and
gainfully implement.
This page brings together the different arguments in summary form, looking towards implementation.
Pan-African Connection