Pan African Connection
Bringing Literacy, Education and Development to disadvantaged communities across Africa
Pan-African Connection - is a concern that aims to address the needs that exist
in many parts of Africa for
literacy, education, access to health-care and

Pan-African Connection is working on solutions that will confront the needs of
disadvantaged communities across the continent, with a comprehensive, non
sectarian engagement to improve these localities.

Browse around to learn of the efficiencies of scale that this project plans to
achieve to make affordable education and accessible communications in rural
Africa in support of the local

Along with addressing the most basic of human needs in these remote
communities, the project addresses the need to engage the local problems of
global warming, that have started to affect areas of Africa.

The tremendous
population growth that is expected to occur in Africa over the
next 20 to 30 years is also addressed. By bringing literacy and education and
increased levels of economic activity into these remote communities; the worst
uneducated and unskilled people are stemmed.

It brings into these communities the skills and knowledge needed to develop
agriculture from subsistence farming to thriving local communities that fend-off
famine and poverty.

This project is not going to take the place of any other non-governmental
organization doing work in Africa; instead, it is enhancing both the work of the
national and regional governments and the work of the NGO's. It brings
efficiencies of scale and the effectiveness and opportunities that better
communications makes possible to
leapfrog over some of the problems.

Once these communities are connected and thriving; they will be participating in
offsetting the costs of increased levels of
services brought to them via the same
communications platform. They will become active parts of their regional

There has been some progress since these figures and ideas
were first proposed in 2006. However the need is still there as
advances that had been made under better economic conditions
have retrenched in many areas. The need for the services
proposed by Pan-African are no less needed today; actually there
is a greater need for the suite of services envisioned.

Thank you.

Pan-African Connection